Company GRAD Economic and Developmental Activities d.o.o. Tolmin was founded in 1989. Previously, its activity has been carried out for a number of years in the framework of one of the services of the self administrative residential community of the then municipality of Tolmin. Some villagers still name GRAD d.o.o. Tolmin »stanovanjska«. Our main activity is the management of residential, business-residential and business buildings. We are the largest managers in the Posočje region and we successfully perform our activities in other places around Slovenia. We offer comprehensive services and solutions in the field of management, maintenance and renovation of real estate for both physical and legal persons, and we extend our activity to the field of mediation in real estate business. Tradition, knowledge, experience and continuous improvement ensure that you can trust us. We are looking forward to your contact.

Nowadays, regulated property is very important. It is also very vulnerable. The registration of ownership, changes in ownership and other rights in the land register is fundamental and essential. Procedures are subject to a number of rules, which are well known only by experts, so, among other things, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that, on the basis of a legal business, the property right is acquired only by entering the land register. Of course, land registry procedures and entries can be left without delay to us and our experts.


  • up to 120L of water in 24 hours
  • power 1790W
  • weight: 64kg
  • dimensions (HxWxL): 1110 x 586 x 436mm


  • 25EUR per day
  • weekens (pick-up on Friday until 3 pm, refund on Monday to 2 pm): 50 EUR
  • more than 3 daily rentals: 20 EUR per day
  • more than 5 daily rentals: 18 EUR per day

Acquisition at the headquarters of the company Grad d.o.o., Prešernova ul. 4, Tolmin. Pre-announcement is required.

The maintenance of multi-apartment buildings is, according to Article 25 of the Actual Legal Code, concluded in the enforceable rules of procedure, which is necessary to maintain the conditions for staying in the basic services of a multi-apartment building as a whole. Maintenance shall be regarded as performance of all types in accordance with the regulations on construction works in accordance with the regulations on environmental protection.
Proper and regular maintenance is to maintain value in real estate. We work with proven external subcontractors for a quality worker in service work.
Do you need your home, office space, house, garage, multi-apartment or office building undergoing a thorough renovation? Would you like to just replace or repair the roof, restore the facade, replace the windows, the doors, stitch the staircase, …?
The organization of renovation and maintenance works can be left in our many years of experience.
A clean and regulated environment is more important than it seems to us at a fast pace of everyday life. It depends on your health, well-being, and also the impression that visitors or business partners receive about you. A clean and regulated environment is not self-evident. It requires a lot of time, tools and ideas from us, and a lot of cooperation and coordination in multi-apartment and business premises. If you enjoy doing this work then enjoy it, we leave it to you. If you rather spend more time on other things, leave it to us to clean and arrange common spaces and functional land. Contact us for an offer.

If the real estate has more than two floor owners and more than eight individual parts, the floor owners must establish a reserve fund to cover the future costs of regular management (SPC, Article 119).

Reserve Fund assets are joint assets of floor owners who can be used to settle the maintenance costs and necessary improvements and to repay for these purposes the borrowed loans.

The amount of the contribution of the floor owner to the reserve fund is determined by the Rules on the criteria for determining the contribution of the floor owner to the reserve fund and the lowest value of the contribution.

The criteria for determining the contribution are:

  • the area of ​​an individual part in a etažna property (hereinafter: individual part),
  • the age of the real estate on which the floor property is established (hereinafter: the age of the property)
  • reconstruction of the property.

We reserve the reserve fund separately in a separate account.

Rules of criteria

For good governance, communication between the manager and the floor owners is very important.

Therefore participation in the owners’ assemblies is very important. If you can not adjust other obligations by attending the assembly, you can authorize the other floor owner to do so. A landlord who wishes to decide on behalf of another floor owner in the assembly of owners also needs to be shown in such a case by a written authorization from which it is evident that you have allowed him to decide on your behalf.

You can also authorize a tenant. If you hire your individual work, you can transfer the execution of the rights that you own as a floor owner to a tenant through a lease, for which you must authorize it in writing. (SZ, Article 24).

Deciding on the assembly of owners is defined in Article 37 of the Housing Act:

The assembly of apartment owners is usually conducted by the manager, or may be a floor owner who is determined by the majority of the votes present, or the one who requested the assembly.

For transactions relating to the regular management of a multi-apartment building, the consent of the co-owners, who have more than half of the co-ownership shares (the first paragraph of Article 25 of the SZ-1), is required. House owners decide on transactions that go beyond the regular management of a multi-apartment building, with the consent of all the floor owners (paragraph 1 of Article 29 of the SZ-1).

The Housing Act in Article 37 states that the assembly of floor owners validly decides if there is such a majority at the session of the assembly that is required to decide in accordance with this law. If the proposed decision is not adopted because the required majority did not exist in the assembly, the assembly with the majority of the present floor owners, according to the ownership shares, can decide that the manager should convene a repeated session of the council within a maximum of 14 days. At the repeated session, the assembly will conclude with the majority of the present floor owners in co-ownership shares and no longer with the majority of all the floor owners in terms of their shares. At the repeated session of the choir, the proposals of the conclusions stated in the invitation for reference, which relate to the regular management of the majority of the present floor owners by participating interests, can be validly voted.

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